...about Fantasia Malware

Fantasia Malware is an experimental video game label and collective based in Berlin. Together we develop and publish video games, live performances and chaotic, corrupt software. Our recent collective projects include SEX! At Alexanderplatz, The Life of Saint Fiona Bianco Xena and Orchid Collecter.

In 2022 we produced the four part event series Fantasia Malware Presents: a tiny cross section of the fizzing underbelly of video games, a late capitalist medium wrenched free from the grasp of the marketing team to make boundless alien dream worlds.

Fantasia Malware is Jira Duguid, Chloê Langford and Gabriel Helfenstein. We also release our solo work under the Fantasia Malware label - a full list of projects is available here.

Some of our friends and collaborators include alpha rats, Jeremy Couillard, M, and Halberball.

We have worked together with the National Gallery (United Kingdom), the Royal Opera House Audience Labs (United Kingdom), Transmediale (Germany), A Maze Festival (Germany), Sickhouse (Netherlands), Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Germany), and ACUD Macht Neu (Berlin), among others.

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