Orchid Collector

Orchid Collector is a video game, a live performance, and a chaotic system on overdrive. It is set in a hypnotic maze made of wild flowers where orchids are scrutinised and identified, collectible cards are played and dream sequences interrupt.

Three characters - The Orchid Collector, The Mistress of the Codex and Ms. Pepsiman (The Maze Runner) performed by the members of Fantasia Malware - drive a baroque and bureaucratic system of orchid identification and collection, while careening through lush mazes of twitching and throbbing flowers. The audience plays along using The Orchid Identification guide to make suggestions about the rare and absurd flowers found along the way.

Interspersed between the chaos are short interludes - news flashes from infamous orchid collection associations, stories of recent orchid related intrigue and temporary delusions and dreams. Orchid Collector combines digital game development and real time performance to create a fantastical and frantic system, driven by absurd rules and polychromatic insanity.

Orchid Collector has been livestreamed twice over Twitch (authren & panke.gallery) and performed live at OVERKILL Festival.

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