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Event 4/4
December 13th, 19:00
@ACUD Macht Neu

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SEX! At Alexanderplatz

Fantasia Malware

SEX! At Alexanderplatz is a performance and dating game set in hell (Alexanderplatz). Crank the lever of your dating app, let the slot machine spin, let sparks of fury fly, let lonely hearts die (alone).

Join us at the climactic anti-climax of Fantasia Malware Presents 2022 for anal sex in the Alexa food court toilet and heartbreak under the TV Tower.

Fragrance Point

Halber Ball


Staccato high-heeled smiling heart-faced bezier-hipped machine-being dancing like a weighted pendulum in a thatched shiny metallic room. Organic - round - artificial - sexy and sexless. An ice-cold glass dildo crossed with an early 2000's Windows Media Player music visualisation, always pulsing never throbbing.

A game about trying to get to a party or making some friends, whatever happens first.


DJ Set

About Fantasia Malware

Fantasia Malware is a collective and label that makes fantastical, magical, corrupt, chaotic software. They develop and publish experimental video games and live performances. The members of Fantasia Malware are Chloê Langford, Jira Duguid and Gabriel Helfenstein.

This year they have hosted four events in the series Fantasia Malware Presents - centered around using videogames in live performance. For each of the first three events, one member of Fantasia Malware presented a solo project and invited an artist from the growing community of people using videogame technology to make weird art. The final event features a new game performance developed by all three members of Fantasia Malware together.

Fantasia Malware Presents is a tiny cross section of the fizzing underbelly of video games - a late capitalist medium wrenched free from the grasp of the marketing team to make boundless alien dream worlds.

Past Events

#1 June 17 @ ACUD Macht Neu

Gabriel Helfenstein (Fantasia Malware)
Studio Oleomingus
+ Ariesfallenangel.

#2 August 04 @ transmediale studio

Jira Duguid (Fantasia Malware)
Jeremy Couillard
+ lloydfears & PBL.FYI (

#3 September 21 @ transmediale studio

Chloê Langford (Fantasia Malware)
+ Adrienne Kammerer.

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